A Rigorous, Proven Process

Glasford International Canada employs a proven recruitment process based on a rigorous methodology in which each step is aligned with your needs and business reality. Nothing is left to chance.

Our process:

1. Define the need and prepare the job description

In addition to describing the duties of the position, we discuss the related challenges and the projects for which the candidate will be responsible. Among other things, you will be asked to select six key competencies from a proven reference set. This crucial first step enables us to understand your corporate culture and build the profile of the ideal candidate based on the objectives for the position and your company’s vision.

2. Establish a search strategy and identify potential candidates

With the needs defined, we determine the search strategy to use for scanning our vast talent network in order to identify candidates who match your criteria and your company’s DNA. This exercise also enables us to provide feedback on how your company is perceived in the market.

3. Evaluate and preselect the candidates

We preselect candidates and conduct a behavioural and situational interview with each one. The evaluation focuses in particular on the key competencies of the position and the candidate’s accomplishments, experiences, motivation and compatibility with your culture and organizational values. A detailed profile is produced for every candidate.

4. Present the candidate shortlist

At this stage, we record our observations about the candidates and present them to you along with our recommendations. We also offer guidance and coaching services to the selected candidates to enable them to perform their best during the interview.

5. Coordinate the interview process

Once the finalist candidates have been chosen, we coordinate the selection interviews. We can participate in the interviews and offer advice on the tools and decision-making.

6. Coordinate the psychometric assessment (optional)

If you wish, we can coordinate a complete psychometric evaluation of the selected candidate through a reputable partner.

7. Check references

We verify the selected candidate’s professional references (degree, association, credit history, etc.).

8. Present an offer to the selected candidate

We provide assistance with preparing the job offer and then present it to the selected candidate.

9. Provide integration coaching (optional)

This value-added service is intended to help the candidate adapt well to the new work environment and the demands of the position. At Glasford International Canada, it is provided by a coach member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

10. Conduct post-hiring follow-up

This is the “after-sales” service, which enables us to gather feedback from both the hired candidate and the employer, one, three, six and 12 months after the start of employment. We also provide feedback to the candidates not selected with a view to continuous improvement.


Our Commitment

Glasford International Canada is committed to providing you with a candidate shortlist (step 4) within an average of four weeks.



We are currently in the process of relocating our Toronto office.