National Account Manager - Premier Tech / Mississauga

Our client

Premier Tech (PT), it’s more than 90 years of passion, with over 3,800 team members in 24 countries. That’s right, team members, not employees. Through the teamwork of our three groups (Horticulture and Agriculture,Industrial Equipment, Environmental Technologies), we keep growing, all around the world. We are intrapreneurs* at heart. We constantly challenge the status quo in order to push our limits. We are not afraid of taking calculated risks, never shying away from our mistakes along the way. Dedicated to always learn from our actions, we seize all growth opportunities, even the painful ones, sharing with each other the knowledge of our successes (which we always celebrate!) and failures. All together, we are deeply committed to excel at what we do… We are the Premier Tech team

Premier Tech Home & Garden is Canada’s leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer home & garden products with the broadest portfolio of brands and products in the industry. Our growth allows us to strengthen our leadership position in the market. Our team has a strong, exciting and entrepreneurial spirit!


To support its consistent growth, Premier Tech Home & Garden depends on an engaged and organized sales team. A team that believes that our performance increases when our team members’ personality profiles complement one another. Our mission is to inspire our organization, our customers and our consumers to fully enjoy gardening. We accomplish this by gaining a deep understanding of our customers and consumers’ needs. With this information, we develop products, communications, and messaging to help us win their hearts, minds and wallets!

As a member of the Sales Team, you will be the key customer contact for all sales and operations related issues. You will focus on developing and maintaining strong relationships, a tall levels, to surpass your customers’ expectations and achieve POS and purchase targets.

Do you have a successful track record with retail banners such as Lowe’s, HomeDepot, Rona, Home Hardware and Canadian Tire? Does influencing your customers’ business decisions drive you? Do you want to make a difference at Premier Tech Home and Garden?

You may be the one we are looking for!


  • You lliaise with your customers on a regular basis to assess their needs and offer expertise based on POS analysis, market trends and strategic growth plans;
  • You develop and implement strategic sales initiatives to increase product distribution and market penetration;
  • You work in conjunction with the sales and marketing teams to initiate and capitalize on effective merchandising and display opportunities, including effective off shelf positioning and product presentation;
  • You develop and deliver presentations to customers to introduce new product offerings and promotional materials, provide advice on product selection and placement;
  • And finally, as a member of the sales team, you are an ambassador of Premier Tech Values and Culture.


  • You possess 10+ years experience as a Key Account Manager specializing in ConsumerPackaged Goods. Experience in the Hardware Channel is essential.
  • You are recognized for having excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You are an active listener with the ability to clearly understand your customer’s objectives and needs
  • Your sense of intuition supports your strong negotiating skills
  • You have a keen ability to demonstrate value in both our products and their performance
  • You are an expert in Category Management Principles and what it can do for your customers
  • You can use Excel & PowerPoint with your eyes closed
  • Finally, if you speak French and English, great! It’s an asset as we are a bilingual company.


VP South East Asia - Premier Tech

Our client

Premier Tech (PT), it’s more than 90 years ofpassion, with over 3,800 team members in 24 countries. That’s right, teammembers, not employees. Through the teamwork of our three groups (Horticultureand Agriculture, Industrial Equipment, Environmental Technologies), we keepgrowing, all around the world. We are intrapreneurs* at heart. We constantlychallenge the status quo in order to push our limits. We are not afraid of takingcalculated risks, never shying away from our mistakes along the way. Dedicatedto always learn from our actions, we seize all growth opportunities, even thepainful ones, sharing with each other the knowledge of our successes (which wealways celebrate!) and failures. All together, we are deeply committed to excelat what we do… We are the Premier Tech team

Based in Canada and with offices all aroundthe world, Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) is the packaging equipment group ofPremier Tech. PTC is among the largest packaging equipment manufacturers in theworld and well-known in the flexible and the rigid packaging industries for itsstate-of-the-art packaging machines and its complete packaging lines forsmall- and large-scale production. Its wide product portfolio includessolutions such as bagging scales and feeders, bagging machines, case packingmachines, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers, stretchhooders, conveyors, etc. Moreover, PTC also offers bulk processing solutions aswell as peat moss field equipment, including screening systems, mixing lines,harrows, vacuum harvesters, etc.

The international presence of Premier TechChronos (PTC) spans over 50 countries. With the acquisition of ChronosRichardson in 2002, PTC has become one of the largest manufacturers ofindustrial packaging equipment in the world.


To support itsconsistent growth, Premier Tech Chronos depends on an engaged and organizedteam leader. A team leader that believes that our performance increases whenour team members’ personality profiles complement one another. Our mission isto inspire our organization, our customers and to fully enjoy gardening. Weaccomplish this by gaining a deep understanding of our customers and consumers’needs.

Role and Responsibilities

Reportingto the Group President, the Vice-president PTC– South East Asia, India andChina will have full P&L accountability and will provide comprehensiveleadership, strategic vision, operating management, regulatory and partneringleadership, and market representation for his Business Unit. The Vice-presidentwill be charged with leading the Business Unit towards maximum value creation,increased margin performance and expansion of the current market shareposition.

Uponnomination, the successful candidate will be expected to rapidly grasp theBusiness Unit’s strategic planning and commercial strategies. He will setappropriate short-, mid- and long-term performance metrics and provide seniorleadership to the Business Unit Leadership Team.

Specific Expectations

TheVice-president PTC Business Unit will be characterized by a sharp focus and astrong passion towards the customer. He will:

o Build confidence amongst customers; and,

o Show leadership and credibility to gain the confidenceof all market stakeholders.

Hewill bluntly abide by the Company's Culture & Values where respect forindividuals, vision, innovation, teamwork, agility, execution, open-mindednessand transparency are always present.

Hewill manage his Business Unit with discipline, rigor, intuitive ability,teamwork and innovation, and will:

o Enhance the Business Unit operational standards andprocesses;

o Manage the Business Unit capital expenditure efforts;

o Assess the Business Unit current strengths andweaknesses; and establish a plan to continue Business Unit development andachieve the established goals.

Hewill be ambitious, motivated by the desire to get the job done and succeed, andcapable of starting and leading/supporting new initiatives.

Hewill make it his responsibility to lead the Business Unit towards theachievement of growth and financial success, and will:

o Show strong knowledge of performance management;

o Establish explicit goals and measure performanceagainst set objectives and metrics; and,

o Demonstrate leadership to ensure the understanding andappropriation of the Business Unit growth strategy amongst all stakeholders.

Hewill have strong interpersonal communication skills and a clear understanding SouthEast Asian, Indian and Chinese cultures and will become a strong motivator forhis teammates. His leadership will be characterized by clear and continuouscommunication, strong empathy, and awareness of the impact of his words andactions, and strong enthusiasm.

Hewill foster the development and leverage the potential of his team

Behaviour / Expertise sought

The ideal candidate will be growth oriented,entrepreneurially driven and have an approach to business building thatinvolves an intense sense of urgency. He will:

  • Havebuilt and managed a large-scale business ($50 Million USDA +) throughdeveloping efficient assembly and distribution facilities;
  • Havedeveloped an expertise and a strong understanding for the management andsupervision of all dimensions of a P&L;
  • Beable to integrate a strong analytical approach, including a strong intuitiveapproach, to decision making, showing good judgment, decision making skills andinnate intelligence;
  • Beable to identify and evaluate key business risks and opportunities and take theappropriate actions;
  • Haveexperience in managing of all functions of a business, from operationalefficiency to marketing, R&D and support functions;
  • Haveexperience in managing an international business; and,
  • Showstrong integrity and values.

StrategicLeadership skills required

The ideal candidate will bring the followingleadership skills:

Business sense

§ Considers how external factors can influence businessstrategies; knows who his competitors are; keeps up to date on the market’sevolution; maintains a competitive edge;

Strategic thinking

§ Thinks long term; develops strategies which considersa wide array of factors, specifically, how the organization and market areevolving; is able to take a step back and get an overall perspective;

Political savvy

§ Understands the political side of his workenvironment; takes it into account in his actions; functions effectively in acomplex political situation;

Change management

§ Creates a favourable atmosphere for change;understands how change affects people; reduces resistance; shows the benefitsof the change; generates enthusiasm toward change;

Vision management

§ Conveys the Company’s values and goals; inspirescommitment to the vision; creates noteworthy events that facilitate andrecognize the achievement of the Vision;

A Business Leaderpossesses the following attitude and competencies

Lead to last

§ Envisions and imagines the future, gathers with theirteams to identify and deploy strategies with a long-term strategic advantagefor the company;


§ Identifies new business opportunities and findsinnovative ways to implement and capitalize on them thus increasing thecompany’s market share and improving its financial performance

Attitude of a winner

§ Through their passionate attitude, speech and actionstoward the success of both the company and its clients, mobilizes those aroundthem to excel and generate success and to refuse failure;

Decision-making courage

§ Takes a stand and makesdecisions at the right time, deals with pressure, adversity and complexity, andmaintains a focus on balancing financial performance, growth and sustainabilityfor the company;

Engagement (Commitment)

§ Personally, commits to thedivision’s development and success, remains available and devotes the necessarytime and energy to exceeding business objectives;


§ Sets ambitious goals forboth themselves and their teams, assesses themselves and never hesitates tomake the necessary adjustments to ensure they deliver the results expected;

Key success factors for the first year

Within the first year, the ideal candidate will be expectedto meet or exceed the performance required to:

§ Developand implement a new managerial culture within his Business Unit, stronglyinfluenced by the need for P&L improvement and supported by commercialstrategies with strong customer focus;

§ Developa strategic plan to increase gross margin performance and provide expansion ofthe current market share position;

§ Establishin a brief period his credibility with his leadership team, the Company’sLeadership Team, as well as with the Business Unit key customers and suppliers;

§ Geta great understanding of all the activities (manufacturing, distribution, sales,operations (logistics), marketing, innovation, brand management, OD, etc.) ofthe Business Unit and of the various key matrix of its business model and startformulating key strategies that shall redefine its future;

§ Participateactively to the Company’s entire activities put forward to ensure its Culture& Values are present in all activities of his Business Unit.


Field Sales Manager (China) - North American Manufacturer of packing equipment

Field Sales Manager (China)

North AmericanManufacturer of Packing Equipment

Our Client

Our client is a North Americanmultinational with a presence in 25 countries. One of its core industries isIndustrial Equipment, including rigid and flexible packaging, materialhandling, and palletizing. It is well established in China, where it has a well-establishedcentre of operations (in Changshu near Suzhou) and significant sales.

Job Purpose

Our clientwishes to recruit a Field Sales Manager to expand its business developmentactivities in China. Reporting to theGeneral Manager, the Field Sales Manager will provide sales leadership for thecompany’s products and technologies, supported by application engineering.

The FieldSales Manager is expected to create and maintain good long term relationshipswith a wide range of clients, by visiting key accounts and strategic partners,and by identifying and exploring new market opportunities in order to expandthe sales base.


(a) Sales and Revenue Generation

· Generate revenue in line with the salestarget and exceed sales expectations;

· Promote sales - standard and engineered products;

· Determine sales prices on internal agreements;

· Ensure full implementation of defined sales processes and strategies, inline with the company’s policies and objectives;

· Attend workshops, trade shows and seminars to keep up-to-date on changesin the industry;

· Ensure efficient leverage of all tools available in terms of CRM, accountplans, concise sales reports and other computer related tools in order toincrease the efficiency of the sales force;

· Provide reliable sales forecasts to senior management and report results tocorporate headquarters on a regular basis;

· Manage agents and distributors asappropriate;

· As necessary, liaise with the local technical team and overseas engineersregarding the technical details.

(b) Business Development and Client Management

· Develop and maintain relationships with key opinion leaders and keyaccounts;

· Identify potential new customers through market analysis, following upleads to determine the best prospects;

· Understand the customers’ needs, provide solutions tailored to meet theseneeds and bring the projects to a successful conclusion;

· Obtain market information and adjust thesales plan according to the market;


Education and Vocational Experience

· University education, ideally in atechnical field, such as Bachelor’s degree in engineering

Professional Requirements

· 5+ years of experience in business activities in the Chinese market, includingsolid experience as Sale Manager in a technical environment;

· Knowledge of the packing equipmentindustry, automation and robotics or similar industries would be mostdesirable;

· Experience of CRM, reporting, businessplanning and market analysis

· Good knowledge of business and technicalEnglish

Personal Requirements

· Proactive attitude, client focused

· Organizational and analytical skills,systematic, organized, meticulous, loyal

· A self-starter, results focused andhighly driven to succeed

· Strong communication and presentationskills

· Ability to motivate and influence others